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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Narayan Gangopadhyay Bio

Narayan Gangopadhyay

Narayan Gangopadhyay (Bengali: নারায়ণ গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়) (1918-1970), (also known as Narayan Ganguly was a renowned South Asian author. He was born in Dinajpur in undivided Bengal, in what is now Bangladesh. His real name was Taraknath Gangopadhyay.


His district was Barisal. His father, Pramathnath, was a police officer. Because his father would be transferred often, he studied in Dinajpur, Faridpur, Barisal and Kolkata. He received his bachelor's degree in arts from Brojomohun College of Barisal; famous poet Jibananda Das was his teacher there. He was placed first in the first class in Bangla Literature from the University of Calcutta. Later he taught at two colleges in West Bengal and later was a teacher of the University of Calcutta. He received his a doctorate from that university for a thesis on 'Short Stories in Literature'. He experimented extensively in writing short stories many of which were published in Shonibaarer chithi, a literary magazine of some repute in Kolkata, at the time. He also wrote for the reputed literary magazine Desh under the pen name Sunanda. Among his most endearing creations were the Tenida stories that have become a much-loved addition to Bengali children's literature. He died in 1970 in Kolkata, India.


Narayan Gangopadhyay's first story was published in 'Bichitra'. He was a romantic writer. His literary works are included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.


  • Uponibesh-1 (উপনিবেশ -১)
  • Uponibesh-2 (উপনিবেশ -২)
  • Uponibesh-3 (উপনিবেশ -৩)
  • Somrat O Sreshthi (সম্রাট ও শ্রেষ্ঠী)
  • Mantramukhar (মন্দ্রামুখর)
  • Mohananda (মহানন্দা)
  • Swarnaseeta (স্বর্ণসীতা)
  • Trophy (ট্রফি)
  • Lalmati (লালমাটি)
  • Krishnapakkha (কৃষ্ণপক্ষ)
  • Bidushok (বিদূষক)
  • Boitalik
  • Shilalipi
  • Oshidhara
  • Vatiali
  • Podoshonchar
  • Amabossar Gan
  • Alokporna

Story Collections

  • Golposongroho
  • Saper Mathay Moni
  • Sreshto Golpo
  • Swanirbachito Golpo


  • Rammohon
  • Varate Chai
  • Agontuk


  • Sunandar Journal


  • Sahitye Chotogolpo
  • Bangla Golpo Bichitra
  • Chotogolper Shimarekha
  • Kothakobid Rabindranath

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