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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moti Nondi Bio

Moti Nandi

Moti Nandi (Bengali: মতি নন্দী) [10 July 1931 - 3 January 2010] is a Bengali writer based in Kolkata, India. He was born in Kolkata in 1931. He was an alumnus of the University of Calcutta. He died in 2010.


Moti Nandi was a sports journalist and worked as a sports editor in Anandabazar Patrika. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award (2008) at a glittering ceremony to mark the grand finale of the maiden edition of the Excellence in Journalism Awards. In his novels, he is noted for his depiction of sporting events and many of his protagonists are sports-persons. His first short story was published in Desh weekly on 1957. His story for Pujabarshiki was in Parichoy Magazine on 1985. The character Kolaboti from his novels is popular among the younger audience.


  • Shada Kham (Ananda Pub.)
  • Ubhoyoto Sampurno (Ananda Pub.)
  • Golap Bagan (Ananda Pub.)
  • Chaya (Ananda Pub.)
  • Chaya Soronite Rohini (Ananda Pub.)
  • Jibonto (Ananda Pub.)
  • Duti Tinti Ghor (Ananda Pub.)
  • Ditio Innings er Por (Ananda Pub.)
  • Duro Dristi (Ananda Pub.)
  • Puber Janala (Ananda Pub.)
  • Bonanider Bari (Ananda Pub.)
  • Bijolibalar Mukti (Ananda Pub.)
  • Malabika (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sibi (Ananda Pub.)
  • Soloke Ponero Kora (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sohodeber Tajmahal (Ananda Pub.)
  • Sobai Jache (Ananda Pub.)
  • Dosti Uponyas (Ananda Pub.)
  • Nakhatter Raat (Punascha)
  • Baobab (Punascha)
  • Dadash Bakti (Punascha)
  • Nayaker Probesh o Prasthan (Punascha)

Works for children

  • Koni(Ananda Pub.)
  • Aloukik Dilu(Ananda Pub.)
  • Stopper(Ananda Pub.)
  • Striker(Ananda Pub.)
  • Kuronn(Ananda Pub.)
  • Jibon Ananta(Ananda Pub.)
  • Nnaran(Ananda Pub.)
  • Feraari(Ananda Pub.)
  • Tulsi(Ananda Pub.)
  • Dolbodoler Aage(Ananda Pub.)
  • Minu Chinur Trophy(Ananda Pub.)
  • Empiyaring
  • Dhankurir Kingkong(Ananda Pub.)
  • Biswa-jora Biswacup(Ananda Pub.)
  • Buro Ghora(Ananda Pub.)
  • Doshti Kishore Uponyas(Ananda Pub.)
  • Cricket er Ayne Kanun(Ananda Pub.)
  • Bhuli(Gangchil)

Doshti Kishore Uponyas

  • Nonida Not Out
  • Striker
  • Stopper
  • Oporajito Ananda
  • Dolbodoler Aage
  • Feraari
  • Shiba'r Fire Asa
  • Tulsi
  • Nnaran
  • Minu Chinur Trophy

Kolabati series

  • Kolaboti
  • Kolaboti Der Diet Chart
  • Kolaboti r Dekha Shona
  • Kolaboti o Khayeri
  • Bhuter Basay Kolaboti
  • Kolaboti, Apur maa o Panchu
  • Kolaboti o Millenium Match
  • Kolabotir Shaktishel


  • Ananda Purashkar, 1974
  • Sahitya Akademi Award, 1991


One of his novels, Koni, was filmed with Soumitra Chatterjee in one of the lead roles. Another novel "Striker" was filmed with Samit Bhanja in the lead role.

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